Questions by silvioi2008-01-10
Nexto useage on high altitude

I would like to receive feedback from users that had
experience with the Nexto on high altitude (over
3000km/10,000ft), mostly on the hard drive function
if you had any problem using it (because as known recording to manufacture specs hard drive have problems operating over this altitude due to air pressure, also I mean using it outside air planes, since air plane cabinet has pressure controlled).
if possible/known - stating the hard drive brand that was in the Nexto.

thanks to everyone that helps.


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Answer by NextoDI2008-01-11
We have the client who could use Nexto in Himalya.
But, most important issue is the temperature.
Usually, they say that the HDD can not work under 0 degree C.
Answer by miko45602008-01-12
I have put a Seagate drive of the EE25 series in my Nexto CF. Those ones support altitudes up to 5000m, and wide temperature ranges (-30°C to 75°C).
It worked like a charm in Peru at 5200m :-)
Answer by silvioi2008-01-14
thank you mike for the info.
I didn't know at the time this Hard drive exist, only find out after I bought the Nexto with a hard drive.
anyone used a regular hard drive?

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