Questions by Himesama2007-12-30
Cannot connect to PC (M1)
My M1 cannot connect to PC, not only my PC but also every PC, the report will show that the device connected cannot found the driver (On Win XP) please suggest my problem

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Answer by nextodi2008-01-02
Please check and let us know

1. your Firmware version
2. Whether connecting PC's USB port at the rear side of PC
Answer by Himesama2008-01-11
Sorry for very late reply...

My Nexto M1 Firmware is V.1.04 and I try to connect at every port of both my PC and my notebook but it does not work well

In some case it can connect but when I try to copy or view the pictures inside the Nexto it will show like Windows cannot find the path of those files

thank you for your assistance
Answer by NextoDI2008-01-11
Once, please update the Firmware to newest version v1.07.
You can download it at our web site [SUPPORT] - [DOWNLOAD] menu

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