Questions by Jai Vora2007-12-20
PSD with a scru een
Hello :

Wanted to check if nextoDi is considering a psd with a color screen so that downloaded images can be viewed.

I know there are many other vedors that have this feature ( to view images ), but I would prefer to get one that is made my NextoDi as then I most probably would be able to create a backup of all the images from my M1 ( which has the otg funtion ) to another NexctoDi via the sync function.

I am aware that the sync function is already accessable between some of the current NextoDi models, but I am looking for a back up solution between the M1 and a psd that has a color screen.

If you are to release such a product, then I would wait and not purchase a Jobo , Espon, etc.

I hope you will be able to confirm either way.



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Answer by NextoDI2007-12-21
Dear Sir.

Thanks for your information. We're alwasy appreciate your advice.
We don’t have the plan to develop the new version that support image viewing yet.
Image viewing technology is quite different from storage tech.
We dare to say we ‘re the best in storage tech, but can not dare to say we’re best in the field of image view. We’d like to devote the field that we can make it best result.

Thanks you
Answer by Jai2007-12-21
Thanks for being up front about the fact that NextoDi is not interested in a storage + image viewer - This bit of info will help me take appropriate decisions.

And yes, I will agree that NextoDi makes good storage devices !



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