Questions by Matthias2007-12-04
Harddisk compatibility
After beiing very satisfied with the old ND2500 I've made an upgarde to the ND2525 and - after a look in the product description on this website - bougth a WD 250GB disk - unfortunately a BEVE type.
After having problems with the disk I got the tip from the Netxo-support to buy another disk - great! It would be great if there would be a compatibility info directly on the product page, because all I found there, was "2.5" PATA Type HDD (supporting up to 2,000G)"

What I would like to know now is, if there will be a fix for this problem in the near future (as with the ND2325) or if it is a hardware problem that couldn't be fixed with another firmware? Byuing another disk is not a solution for me, because I can't return the WD disk and so I will loose money!


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Answer by NextoDI2007-12-05
As you said, Wsetern Digital BEVE series can't match with Nexto ND2525.
This issue is due to the H/W peculiarity of BEVE series, so it seems to be hardly fixed within near future.
Answer by BEVENG2007-12-08
I ran into the same problem a while ago - the 250GB WD was the only 250GB PATA drive I was able to find. Fortunately for me, I also had a Nexto OTG model which does work with these drives. You would have been better off not buying a ND2525, and getting one of the other ones instead
Answer by Matthias2007-12-19
Of course this is a big problem, because until now the WD BEVE ist the ONLY existing PATA drive with more than 160 GB. All other drives are using SATA and I suppose that most of the 2,5" drives in the future will only have SATA.
The "verify function" and a big drive ist a must for me, by this the ND2325 will not fit (because of the missing "verify function"). Means, I have to look for another vendor - that's too bad! :-(

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