Questions by Allan Hansen2007-12-03
Sync funfction does not sync .ooo foldername

I have two nexto m1 with firmware 1.07.
I have two folders on on first M1: 20071202.000 and 20071202.001
When i sync the two M1's, on my other M1 the sync'ed folders names are 20071202 and 20071202.001. The first foldername is missing the .000
That gives me a huge problem, when I use my PC to check the sync with Synctoy, because now I get two dublictated folder 20071202 and 20071202.000.
I hope you will change the firmware to give an excact sync of folder-names and not remove the .000 folder-extension.

Best Regards
Allan hansen

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Answer by NextoDI2007-12-04
We have solved this issue.
Please send your eMail address and we will send the F/W by eMail.
This issue will be included next regular F/W update.


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