Questions by John2007-05-17
Express or Not
I bought a NEXTO OTG Express and paid for this model. When I opened the box I saw a NEXTO OTG ND2300 whitout any Express in any form what so ever noticable on this apparatus, nor on the box.

I called the reseller (teh shop) and I was made clear that the only difference between ND2300 en ND2300 Express is a sticker (with the word Express on it) and other firmware.

I think this is not correct. When I buy a camera type X it will not become type Y when the firmware changes.

On this site I also notice that the Express's latest firmware is version 1.03. My apparatus has version 1.21 wich matches the latest firmware from the OTG

Please could anyone given some information? Because I think the reseller is trying to get rid of his old stock.

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Answer by NextoDI2007-05-21
Neo X-copy algorithm which was used at ND2525 is implemented.
The backup speed increased by 50%.

Two firmware for download.
OTG V1.21 is for original Nexto-OTG while OTG Xpress V1.03 is for new Nexto-OTG Xpress.

The HW difference between these two device is minor. So you can use both firmware at the same HW. But because of minor HW difference, the battery indication might be some different. So use Xpress V1.03 only at OTG Xpress and OTG V1.21 to Nexto-OTG.
The firmware functionality and performance is same for both firmware.

The major update at this version is following

1. Nexto-OTG can Sync between Nexto series.
If you connect Nexto-OTG to another Nexto-OTG/Ultra/CF, then Nexto-OTG sync the back up directory.
The target device should be powered by power adapter.
Answer by Michael2007-05-22
isnt the battery different bet the two models?
Answer by NextoDI2007-05-22
Two model's internal battery is same. And Both two models can use with extternal battery.

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