Questions by Wong2007-11-29
USB connection question
Hi I have the M1 / ND-2325 and updated to the 1.07 firmware. I have been using the supplied 2 inch usb cable to connect to my laptop to enable USB 2.0 connections but is unable to obtain the same connection speed with other longer USB cables which I usually use with my external Hard disk casings which are also USB 2.0.

The computer says the USB device is not connected properlly and only runs at a reduced speed which I suspect is USB 1.1. Is there anyway I can use a longer USB cable but still obtain USB 2.0 speed?

Also I am worried that I might loose the supplied 2inch USB cable in which case would be a problem. Are there any USB cables that we can buy which would allow full compatibility with USB 2.0?


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Answer by NextoDI2007-11-30
Nexto is very delicate device in USB connection.
In this case, we think you should use the Nexto's original 2 pieace USB cable.
Please contact your dealer and if you need more information, email to


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