Questions by silvioi2007-11-28
temperature limit

I would like to know what are the temperature usage limitations
of the M1 device.
can it be used under 0 deg ? (probably till -10)
any experience on checking this issue?

thank you

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Answer by nextodi2007-11-28
We have the client who have had the experience using Nexto in Himalaya. it is more impotant to checking HDD's physical issue than Nexto itself.
usually, HDD does not work under 0 degree(C)
Answer by mmm2101@hotmail.com2008-01-07
I tested my D2X and the nexto Ultra and next OTG (2300) at -16ºC. The card discharge has make into my pocket to discharge some CF and don't have find any problem.

remember of full charge the batery begin of out. The cold dicharge very full the life cicle of one charge.


Mariano Ortiz

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