Questions by Geoff2007-11-26
Problems Recognising NextoD1 with USB

I am experiencing major problems connecting the NextoD1 to the computer via a normal USB cable. For the record, I have tried probably around 20 different computers, 3 USB cables, and operating systems ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista.

90% of the time, it says "the USB device has malfunctioned, please reconnect the device or replace it"

The rest of the time, it does any of the following:

1. it loads as NEXTOD1, and I can view the contents (folders, files, etc), but not access any of it.

2. it loads as any drive letter, but appears as empty (0 files, 0 bytes).

3. it appears and I can access it as normal, but then disappears, then comes back, then appears again.

4. sometiems, it just works as normal.

I have no idea why this would happen. I am experienced using computers so it is nothing simple I am overlooking, seems very sporadic. Any ideas????? It would be greatly appreciated.


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Answer by NextoDI2007-11-26
May I ask your firmware version?
We thought your symptom would be cleared if you update Firmware by latest version(v1.07)
You can download it [Support] - [Download]

When your problem would not cleared though you update newest F/W, please contact us by e-mail

Answer by Geoff2007-12-14

I had v1.03, and upgraded to v1.07 as suggested. The upgrade worked fine but I am still having trouble on some computers, it still seems more than 50% of the time it says the device has malfunctioned, but sometimes it works normal.

It's very sporadic but is definately a problem with the Nexto device as all my other USB devices are functioning perfectly on these same systems.

Answer by Mobile-Save2007-12-19
I was informed that we have to use the bundled USB cable of ND2325 for best connection stability with the PC.
Answer by Cecil2007-12-19

I have just bought a Nexto M1 and used it to back up my CF card from my camera.

My PC (a Dell running Windows Vista Business Edition) cannot recognise the Nexto M1 when I plug it into the USB port. My Nexto is running firmware version 1.07

I'm using the USB cable provided.

Help please, I'd like to recover my photos from Nexto's hard disk!

Answer by Nextodi2007-12-21
We wonder that you connected Nexto into PC’s USB port in front side.
In this case, PC may not recognize Nexto properly.

Please connect to PC by rear side of USB slot and try again
Answer by Cecil2008-01-06
I've tried both rear side and front side USB slots. PC still doesn't recognise Nexto...
Answer by BRug2008-07-13
Like Cecil, I have a ND2300 and have used both the front side and the rear USB slots. The PC does not recognize the NEXTO DI. The NextoDI was working this morning, but then quit working. I have formatted the Hard Drive and followed the instructions in the Video. Need help to get it working, as I have a wedding to shoot in two weeks.

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