Questions by jami2007-11-08
New auto-copy mode
I just bought The ND2325 NEXTOM1 and I'm satisfied with it.
But my problem is that I'd rather switch between two possibilities
for the backup on the HDD.

I mean, currently data goes in an auto-named folder
(eg. 20070331) and so on.

Could I choose from the setup menu, a new way of storage like
auto-incrementation folders each time a new device is plugged in slot
or OTG peripheral (eg. cpy00001, cpy00002) with the auto-copy mode ... ?
This would be great !!!

Each time I plug a CF/MD card or USB key, I know which one was the first
and which other one was the last. So I could perfectly land on my feet with my datas.



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Answer by NextoDI2007-11-08
Thanks for your using our product.
Nexto M1 checks the files and extracts the latest creation date among the files and use to name the folder.

Although, it is so hard to adapt your opinion right now, we’ll keep in mind and refer to your valuable opinion.

Answer by jami2007-11-30

How long will it take to have a brand new firmware in order to solve my problem ? Will it be, one day or another ? :(


Answer by NextoDI2007-11-30
Dear Sir,

We can't say the exact schedule for this issue. Possibly it may impossible. This issue will be reported to our R/D Div and please wait for a while till we can say it will be possible or not.
Answer by mmm2101@hotmail.com2008-01-07
Hello, I have two Ultra and two OTG, and 3 other marks of databank. To my the date structure its the best structure to find and archive image. The others 3 databanks have the name CF0001, CF0002, SD0001, ... but to find and manteniment of historical photo, its very slow. If NextoDI make a firmware version, please, create a optional menu selection to select the structure name of directory (actual mode with date, and incremental number selection).

thanks and regards from spain

Mariano Ortiz

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