Questions by Justin2007-11-04
firmware upgrade eoor v1.07 xpress
I am trying to udate my xpress firmware from 1.04 to 1.07. I connect the device to my pc and then press reset and the copy button. The firmware update message is displayed on the screen of the xpress. I open the update firmware exe and press the copy button. I then click on Download. The progress bar gets to 21% then fails as it says the usb cable has been disconnected. But it hasn't. Now the xpress says I have corrupt firmware and wont operate. I have repeated the process 5-6 times but it wont get past 21%. what do I do to get the xpress up and running?

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Answer by nextodi2007-11-05
please check whether you keep pressing down the copy button while process is doing.
Sometimes user may loose the press of the copy button while not knowing by him/herself.

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