Questions by casiel19692007-11-02
Firmware update failure
I've been trying to update the firmware on my ND 2300 on a pc so I can use it with a mac. I got the firmware screen to show up on the device once by pressing the reset and copy buttons, but it vanished before I could start the download process. now I cannot get it to work again. I keep getting "key input error" and a beep. I've been trying for hours and no success. I'm getting to the point where I want to return it because I can't use it if it won't connect to a mac, and it seems to need the firmware update to do that, and I can't get that loaded.

You should be shipping these with the latest firmware! Especially since it's advertised as working with mac. Please help!

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Answer by nextoDI2007-11-05
The F/W update of ND2300 can be available only with PC, not MAC.
But, it can be used with both PC and MAC , Linux.

Please check

1. What is the F/W version of your ND2300 now?
2. Does [F/W update] appear on the LCD screen when you press reset and copy button?

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