Questions by jai Vora2007-10-27
M1 copy to External Drive
I have just purchased the "M1" NextoDi and wish to perform the following :

1. Use the M1's OTG function to transfer/back-up data onto an External Hard Drive.

2. I have an USB 2.0 enabled External Hard Drive that uses the AC Mains to power itself so this way it does not rely for power from the M1.

3. I have no success when I connect the M1 to the External Hard Drive to transfer/back-up data which is the problem I wish to solve.

4. Once the 2 are connected the M1 clearly shows "USB Detected" after which it then shows "Parsing USB". After which is presents me with a choice to "Copy" the data.

5. Then when I am given an option to "Copy" I press the button for a "Short" time, but no exchange of data takes place and then right away the M1 shows "Remove USB".

6. How do I get this to work ??

7. Lastly, if I try to "Browse" the External Hard Drive using the M1, it does show "USB Detected" but does not accurately show whats on the HDD.

8. The M1 has the latest 1.0.7 Firmware and one FAT 32 partition, while the External HDD has 2 partitions ( i ) Fat 32 and ( ii ) HSF+ format.

Kindly assist me with the above - I await a reply.



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Answer by nextodi2007-11-05
M1 can manage dual partition external HDD if that HDD has it's own power supply.
We tested it work at FAT32 & NTFS partition. Also at FAT32 and HFS+ too.
The tested HDD was partitioned at MAC OS10.4.10 with 18G FAT32 and 18G HFS+.

So please try with remake partition at MAC OS10.4.10.

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