Questions by Niels2007-10-27
OTG Xpress: Error 0x0051
When a try to copy files from my OTG Xpress to a Playstation Portable I see error code 0x0051 on the display and need to disconnect the USB cable. No files are copied to the PSP. What does error 0x0051 stand for?

The PSP is a USB mass-storage device. Can this problem be fixed with a firmware update? I want to use the PSP to review images while i'm travelling.

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Answer by NextoDI2007-10-30
Nexto OTG can't write to disc (in your case, the Memory Stick in your PSP) formatted by FAT12.
Maybe, because your Memory Stick's capacity is so small(64MB?), the WINDOWS format it by FAT12 automatically.
We recommend you use more big size Memory Stick can be formatted by FAT16 or FAT32.


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