Questions by Petr2007-10-24
ND2300 v 1.25?
I made firmware update to v 1.25 on ND2300.
I used Canon S3IS with cable to download files to ND2300 and I saw extra delay.
Now I copy 300MB 68 second, 30 second doing nothing and then It started download.
Before upgrade copying started immediately when pressed "Yes".

What is new in firmware v1.25?

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Answer by NextoDI2007-10-25

About our [Compatibility Report], in case Canon S3IS, it takes about 4'52" to backup 1GB data by direct link to USB OTG. can download [Compatibilty Report] our website in [Support] - [Download])
So, we think that 68"/300MB may be normal.
There may be a little bit more initial time before starting backup, but total backup time may be same.

Answer by Petr2007-10-25
I think, the time to backup was better. 3GB about 8 minutes. But now there is longer initial time. It was a few seconds and now it is about 30".

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