Questions by NextoDI2007-10-23
ND2525 with Panasonic HVX200 HD Video Cam.
Nexto ULTRA ND2525 can support some kind of HD Video Cam.

Please consult the contents as below:

1) HVX-200 is mounted on Linux OS.
2) Linux OS can support IEEE1394 external HDD.
3) So, HVX200 can match all kind of IEEE1394 external HDD.
4) But, HVX200 doesn’t support the electric power by IEEE1394.
5) Therefore, if you want to use the usual type of IEEE1394 external HDD with HVX200, you must connect the AC adapter to external IEEE1394 HDD.

Conclusion: In case of Nexto ULTRA ND2525/2500, It has its internal power supply mechanism and using with external battery, it can be used about 2~3 hours with HVX200 without any support of external power. As we know, it is unique in the world so far.

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Answer by warwickt2008-09-05
Very cool,, you guys at NEXTODI should publicise this in eth DVXUSER forum and also tell PANASONIC. especially with their new P2 HVX-170 camera

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