Questions by René2007-10-23
ND 2300 Copy function
When i want to copy a whole folder on my Sony Memory Stick Duo (64MB) with the card adaptor i get the following problem: When i try to copy a folder which is bigger than 64MB, the ND 2300 gives me an error message. After inserting the card in a card-reader and looking at it on my PC, i saw a temporary folder, where the files have been copied.

Is there a chance, that you can change the firmware, so that the ND 2300 just stops copying when the card is full, like Windows does?

Or at least make the ND 2300 erase the temporary folder?

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Answer by NextoDI2007-10-25
When you want to copy the data in Nexto's HDD into memory card, it is not possible to copy if total amount of data you want to copy is more than the capacity of your memory card (in your case, it's 64MB).

So in this case, the copy process can't start.
Answer by René2007-10-25
It would be ok, if it just doesn't start, but it leaves a temporary folder on my memory card, so i have to erase it, before i want to use it.

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