Questions by leiguan2022-07-04
ND2901 SSD Speed
I recently upgrade my ND2901 internal HDD to a SSD. But the reading speed of the SD CARD is low comparing to the HDD. I have tried with the AC power, but it doesn't work.

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Answer by stephan2022-07-18
I've had the same problem when I was still using my ND2901. This model is not really designed for SSDs and due to their different power consumption profile, especially when writing, the ND2901 tends to throttle the writes to the SSD to protect its power management. I've reverted back to using an HDD with my ND2901.
If you want to use SSDs, you need to switch to a NPS-10 model which is really fast copying SD cards (I've seen >150MB/s)

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