Questions by Jai Vora2007-10-21
M1 - Firmwire + HDD Question
Hello :

I have just received the M1 and purchased a WD 160BEVE HDD saperately.

The M1 came with the older Firmwire v. 1.03. I have downloaded the latest version 1.07, but cannot load it onto the M1 as I work on a mac and not a pc and the Firmwire is a .exe file. Will take me a day or so to get a friend's PC to load the new version.

Want to confirm the following :

Aftert I installed the HDD and when I press the "Copy" button, I get an "No HD" error - Hope its just because of the old firmwire isssue of not recognizing the BEVE HDD and its not that the new WD 160BEVE HDD is bad.

Is this the error one gets if the old firmwire is used with this HDD ?

Kindly confirm.


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Answer by NextoDI2007-10-22
We think it will work fine when after updating v1.07.

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