Questions by Pascal2021-08-11
ProGrade Dual CF express type A card reader

Recently I changed my cameras to migrate to an a7SIII and an FX6, and at the moment I can no longer use my Nexto NPS10 with CFexpress Type-A cards via the USB host and a card reader.

My Nexto NPS 10 don't want to recognize my CFexpress Type-A card through its USB host port with the Prograde dual card reader PG09. I have no problem through the USB host port with another SD external card reader. I don't have a Sony CFexpress Type A card reader to test it on the NPS 10.

Have you had any feedback regarding the compatibility of the Prograde player with the NPS10?


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Answer by Tim Devine2021-10-23
Yes I am having the same issue. Firmware 1.11 does not such a problem

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