Questions by Pawel2021-08-08
NPS-10 does not support update for DJI drones footage
Last year I reported a problem that NPS-10 does not do incremental copies ("update") for SD cards recorded in DJI drones.
The problem - apparently - is in the way NextoDi software interpretes the dates on the directories that DJI creates for GPS data.
Because of that NPS-10 thinks that the SD card is a news one instead of updating the already backed up content.
It is terribly irritating, as the drone footage is usually large and the backups are longer and longer every time.
A year passed since I last reported that to Nexto Di and nothing changes - still the same problems and the last firmware update was 16 months ago!
Can't your engineers really fix a simple issue like that, which affects all the users of NextoDi equipment that hace DJI drones?!

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