Questions by DC Foto2007-10-12
Nexto M1 2325 bugs
2 things:
1/ Just recd M1 today, great machine but external AA battery pack not recognised by it so unusable. On site I bought it from, says it's compatible. Mains charger works fine on machine, is battery pack broken or not compatible?
2/ Updated new firmware (V 1.07) and like new features. Turned beeper/buzzer off as I often shoot in quiet locations. However, after connecting to PC and downloading photos the machine goes back to default setting (beeper on). Is there any way to save the new setup settings and leave beeper off permanently?

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Answer by NextoDI2007-10-13
1. May I ask you where you buy it from? and let us know by e-mail.( We need more information.
2. There is two ways to solve it.
One is formatting HDD
The other is that the deletion of [PTPFILE.log] file.
It's in the [NEXTON1] directory as hiddenfile.
For seeing hidden files, you should choose the folder option
[View hidden files]

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