Questions by Brandon2021-04-06
Phantom microSD detection, renders my XQD NextoDi NPS-10 unusable
V1.11 firmware on my NextoDI NPS10 XQD/CFExpress unit. I have a 2TB Samsung EVO 860 Drive. This is a follow up from another support ticket I opened previously. This was purchased new in September 2020 and worked fine initially, but started giving issues less than 3 months into use. Copied from last support ticket: “ The device will automatically enter backup mode thinking that a microSD card has been inserted for backup, when all the card slots are empty. This renders the device useless as I can't access the files via PC because I can't enter USB mode, nor can I backup other cards because it thinks that there's a microSD card in it! Device was purchased new in September 2020, and it is VERY disappointing coming from an older Nexto ND2901 which for the most part performed flawlessly.” I’m obviously out of the return period, but this has left a really bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to trade to a CFast model of the NPS-10 but I’m afraid of this same issue rearing its head.

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