Questions by Juergen2020-12-09
NPS-10: Monitor blank after Start
Hello experts,

after starting the monitor is blank, nothing happens, with or without sd card. What is the reason?

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Answer by NextoDI2020-12-09
Hello Juergen

What do you mean by 'Monitor blank after Start'?
Follow following step and inform what you see.

1. The NPS-10 MUST be charged before use. When charging the lower LED lit RED.
2. Power up NPS-10 by pressing the wheel button(on the right side of the body) for more than two second. Usually, RED LED lit for a second, then RED off and Green LED lit and booting Logo appear on the LCD.
3. Then you can do copy by adding memory cards.

Note that, NPS-10 is manufactured and shipped without internal drive. You need to add your SSD to NPS-10 before use.

Answer by Juergen2020-12-10
No, that's NOT the reason. Of course I have inserted a SSD, a compatible SSD. The item is beeping, but the monitor is glowing white without any text.
Answer by NextoDI2020-12-11
NPS-10 is composed of two PCB, main PCB & the PCB for LCD mounting.
I think the connection between main PCB and that LCD PCB become loose.
If you already inserted, push the back plate to make the connection harder then try power on.
If that works, remove the back plate & SSD, then push the PCB by your hand to make the contact concrete.

Sorry for that inconvinience.

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