Questions by Ken Rubin2020-10-22
Ability to access XQD or CFExpress card via computer
Does the NPS-10 allow an inserted card to be accessed via the USB-C connection as an attached device? I am able to get my computer to see the internal hard disk, but it doesn't recognize a card that was inserted into the Nexto. This would be a helpful feature and avoid the need for a separate card reader in those circumstances when direct read or write to card media is desirable.


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Answer by NextoDI2020-10-22
NO. NPS-10 does not work as a card reader.
You cannot directly access memory card connected to NPS-10 from the computer.
Answer by Ken Rubin2020-10-23
If this is a feature that could be added via a firmware update I would encourage Nexto to consider doing it. While I love the device, the additional flexibility to use it as a card reader would be a real benefit and expand the functionality of the unit. Thanks for your consideration.
Answer by NextoDI2020-10-26
That is related to HW architecture, so not possible to run as card reader when connected to PC.

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