Questions by Sebastian2020-10-06
Problems at backuping XQD 120 and 128GB
We are a mayor broadcaster in Germany and are using over years Nextodi to backup our footage.
We startet with NVS 2801 and going over to NSB25.
Since we use XQD 120 and 128Gb Cards we are realizing problems (getting worse) backuping these cards.
They will stop at the verifying process without any signal or message. After a couple of trys it works, but its hard cause it takes hours and the problem shows up again and again no matter which card or nextodi you use.
The cards are original Sony and used in Sony PXW FS7m1 and m2.
The cards are 100% ok and we only get this problems with 120Gb + cards.

Thx for your help

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Answer by NextoDI2020-10-06
If you using NSB-25, you need to check memory module first. During the memory module insertion & removal, dirt might be caught on the gold contact of memory module. So recommend clean it and try it. You can clean the dirt on the gold contact by rubber eraser. Just erase the gold contact with the eraser might solve your problem.
Answer by Sebastian2020-10-06
The memory module works fine. The only Problem is the card size.
On the same NSB25 and the same memorymodule all cards works fine except the 120Gb + cards. The problem is, that the issues are not regular. They came from time to time, but when it happens it`s with a 120Gb or bigger card.
Answer by NextoDI2020-10-07
We tested with 128GB XQD card from SONY(G series) for 6 times and no problem.
Send us LOG file for further investigation. Zip the NSBLOG folder and send us.

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