Questions by Nextouser2020-07-23
NPS-10 Error 0x 00820060 // stops syncing data to external drive
Hi, cannot sync more than about 500-600 GB (nexto DI fully charged, Firmware 1.11, Samsung EVO 850 4TB internal and external) - Error 00820060 appears on random. Sometimes directly after start syncing.

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Answer by NextoDI2020-07-27
0x00820060 means connected USB device is removed.
That can happen when
1. USB SSD require more power than NPS-10 can provide. In this case the USB power line become unstable and can result in that error. See here for more detail.
2. During the SYNC, internal battery is used when the external power from the USB type-C is not sufficient. If battery become low, the power line become unstable and can result in that error.

When used with external SSD, NPS-10 require external power applied through Type-C cable. Make sure that power can provide more than 2A. If you using USB battery pack, make sure the output current is more than 2A.
Answer by Oscar2021-03-10
I had the same issue and posted it today however, I think I solved the problem and found that my USB C power cable wasn't very good and believe that it was cutting out causing this error.
Check over your power supply and power cable as mentioned above.

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