Questions by Outer Net2020-06-19
NPS 10 HDD Error 0x0110300

I am trying to back up / sync to a usb host ssd HD and I get this error message?

HDD Error 0x0110300

Anyone know what is happening?

I have it plugged into mains and NPS 20 is fully charged.

The Internal drive is backing up from XQD or CF Express fine - the usb host is ssd in ex Fat format an is a Glyph Atom 4TB

Please can anyone advise? Why didn't Nexto make the USBC I/o data capable?

Thank you

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Answer by NextoDI2020-06-19
The error code must be 0x00110300.
That is related to file system, i.e, happens when NPS-10 think it cannot open the drive itself. Specially internal drive cannot be open properly.
But you mentioning you can copy XQD or CFexpress without problem. So internal drive itself must be no problem.
Try to do following and see what happens.

1. Connect the external drive before power up NPS-10.

2. Connect the external drive after power up NPS-10.
1) Power on NPS-10 without external power
2) Connect external drive. You will see warning message.
3) Then add external power through TYpe-C port.

If any USB card reader work through USB host port without problem, that may be because of the power hungry Glymph Atom 4TB which is RAID SSD(means multiple SSD. Also means need twice power than normal drive).
That affect internal power system and make power fail on internal drive.
Answer by Outer net2020-06-19

I have tried with a few different external usb drives and it fails for them all.

Please can you offer a more comprehensive solution as I paid a lot for the NPS-10 and expected it to just work and not be a annoying pain.

If i plug in a usb card reader or even a thumb drive into the the NPS-10 it prompts to plug into the mains also. It seems that power supply prompt happens no matter what is connected straight away all the time even if it is not a power hungry device.

If an ext usb ssd is power hungry why doesn't it work once connected to the mains ? I have a 100w charger and cable and an 18 w charger and it makes no difference.

When connected to the mains it still doesn't work and I tried all of your suggestions and still it doesn't work. Theres no issue with the internal 4tb samsung ssd pro drive it bakes up from xqd / cfexpress cards Very well, the USB host is not working at all and I urgently need it to.

Please can you provide any other solutions?

Thank you
Answer by Outer net2020-06-19
The glyph atom 4TB drive draws only max 8 - 10 watts under full load it loads and works on my mobile , iPad ? Surely that is no too much even once the NPS-10 is mains powered?

If an android can mount the ssd and allow me to transfer files why can't the NPS 10 designed as a backup & sync field storage device?

Kind regards
Answer by Outer Net2020-06-19
If I select Card reader at the 1st option when it powers on with the ssd connected and the mains also connected then after that it shows a message Ext USB detected then USB parsing then an error 0x00810500 ? This is a different error to the one given in the USB device as the 1st choice.

Please can someone help with this ASAP please as I urgently need to offload data,

Thank you
Answer by NextoDI2020-06-22
If you select "external HDD" at the menu, NPS-10 ask you connecting external power.
If you select "Card reader", NPS-10 does not require connecting external power because it can supply enough power to the USB card reader.
If you select "card reader" but actually connected USB SSD/HDD and not connected externa;l power then NPS-10 try to work, but may not work correctly because it cannot supply enough power to run external HDD/SSD.

Working power of 8~10W means 5V 2A which is double the working power of usual SSD/HDD. Considering SSD require sharp peak current, that much current might affect normal operation of NPS-10. 0x00x10500 means 'READ fail'.
I think that is the same reason- 'Power fail'.

You mentioned 'tried with a few different external usb drives and it fails for them all'. Did you tried with USB thumb drive or USB card reader which require less power?
If that failed too, that means there are some HW error and we need to replace you with new NPS-10. Please confirm us if the USB thumb drive can be connected through card reader mode.
If not, your HW might problem and we need to replace you.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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