Questions by Thomasvdg2020-06-16
NPS10 Cfast says: "Device Unknown. Remove CF"
My NPS-10 (Cfast) says 'device unknown, remove CF' when I enter a Cfast 2.0 card.

The problem occurred various times, and in different ways:
Sometimes the NPS10 does read and copy the card, but doesn't recognize it later. Sometimes it doesn't recognize a card, but it does recognize a card after rebooting the NPS-10. Sometimes it doesn't recognize the card after various reboots. I updated the firmware to V1.11, didn't solve the problem. I used an external card reader to connect to the USB host port, and this did copy the card successfully.

I use silicon power 512GB cinema pro CFX 310 cfast 2.0 cards.

What to do?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by NextoDI2020-06-18
That could be because of power shortage. NPS-10 provides power to the card and internal SSD & itself through its battery power system. Although we try to provide as much power as possible, we are not perfect. There can be a cards which require more power than NPS-10 can provide. Usually the more the card capacity, the more the power required to run it. You can try to add external Power to NPS-10 through USB type-C port of NPS-10. And see if that helps.
Use USB power bank or USB charger to externally power NPS-10.
Answer by Thomasvdg2020-06-18
Thanks, I just tried using external power, but I still get the same message!
Answer by NextoDI2020-06-19
Inform us the name of your card, and also the error code you see on the LCD when error happens.
We will try to check.

All the best,
Answer by Thomasvdg2020-06-20
I use the silicon power 512 GB cinema pro cfx 310 cafst 2.0 cards.
Answer by Thomasvdg2020-06-20
and there is no error code by the way, just the text 'device unknown, remove CF'
Answer by NextoDI2020-06-23
If no error code, that means not detected at all. Is that NPS-10 accepts your other CFast cards?
By the way, we are located in Korea and CFX310 is not supplied here. So expect quite long time till we can test it.
Answer by Thomasvdg2020-06-28
I don't know if the NPS10 accepts other cards, but it occasionally accepts the CFX310 cards. It always accepts the CFX310 cards when I use an external card reader
Answer by NextoDI2020-06-30
In that case, there are two possibility.

1. The power required by the card exceeds the power capacity of NPS-10. Or,
2. Because of unknown protocol related compatibility issue???

For the details on power system of NPS-10, ple check here.

Actually we had not had protocol related issue at NPS-10, I guess no.1 would be the reason. But not known until we test it.

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