Questions by Bjornar2020-06-03
Error No: 0x00031533
What does this error code mean? I cannot find it anywhere. I did a safe copy to the same external drive as we've been using all week, and just after the verification I got this error. Now it appears when I try fast copy aswell. The disk initializes and shows remaining capacity well above what is needed.

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Answer by NextoDI2020-06-04
What is you model name(NPS-10, NVS2801, NSB25 etc...) and the firmware version of your unit?
If your unit is not latest firmware, upgrade it at here.

Usually, 0x00031533 means internal disk or memory card contains file/dir entry with invalid file system parameter.
If that error happens at every memory cards, internal drive might have problem.
Run the windows 'chkdsk' to fix it, or format the internal drive after backup data to other storage.
If that happens only with specific memory card, that memory card might have problem. The same fix. Use 'chkdsk' to fix it, or format the card.
If the error occurred during the verification stage, then the data itself might be stored safe in one of the TMP dirs.

By the way, this kind of invalid/unknown entry is created by virus program too. So Virus check on the internal drive and memory card is recommended.
Answer by Bjornar2020-06-05
Sorry, it is an NPS-10 and the FW is V1.11.

I tried copying to another disk (SSD this time) and it kept shutting down at some random point (after 300-600GB of transfer), leaving a tmp folder and no log of Success or Fail when turned back on. Battery indicator was at full and it was always connected to my fastest USB C charger, so I don't know if it was a power issue. I was surprised not to see any log screen at startup.

I formatted the 1st drive and after this I was able to fully sync from the internal drive.

Answer by NextoDI2020-06-10
May I know when this error happens?, i.e,. are you copying memory card to internal drive? or SYNC internal drive to external drive??

The power system of NPS-10 is good for copying memory card to internal drive(SSD/HDD), but is not enough driving two drive(one internal HDD/SSD, and one external USB drive). That is because of the limitation of USB power which can be provided through USB TYpe-C connector.
NPS-10 is limited to draw max 1.5A from the TYpe-C cable according to the minimum(safe) vale specified by USB power spec. So it can be connected to any USB host(computer/iPhone, etc..) withought worrying destroying USB host port of your computer. But that 1.5A is not enough running two drive when those two drive working in its full power. In that case, NPS-10 draw its battery power to compensate that power shortage.
According to our test, when connected external USB drive and external USB power attached, the battery power of NPS-10 can run approx 1.5h, which means if the copying time is more than 1.5 hour, copy will fail because of battery power shortage.
That 1.5 Hour correspond to copy of approx 2TB if you using SSD for both internal & external drive. If you using hard drive to one of internal and external drive, that is approx 600MB because that HDD become bottle neck.

Anyway, NPS-10 MUST show 'ERROR' message on the LCD if it fails. If you don't see it, that means kind of bug in the firmware.
Can you explain some more detail on it?

1. When the problem happen? Copying card(type of card), doing SYNC, How big the data, etc..
2. Did you selected, 'new copy' '' verify' ' copy & verify' 'Update', ???
3. When failed, the name of the folder is starting with 'TMP' or 'R' or 'U'???

At the root folder of NPS-10, you can see NPSLOG folder. Please zip the folder & e-mail us to following addr.

We will be able to know the reason with that info and let you know the reason of the problem.

Thank you for your help.

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