Questions by Paul Snide2020-02-28
NPS-10 not recognized by iMac (OSCatalina) or MacBook Pro (OS Mojave)
Neither computer recognizes the NPS-10. A similar problem and solution found in FAQs. As per the FAQ answer, I connected the USB Type C slot to a USB charger used to charge the battery, and a USB cord between NPS-10 and computer USB inputs. No luck. By what means do I get my Macs to recognize NPS-10 and allow me to transfer files?

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Answer by NextoDI2020-03-02
Probably, you saw the FAT for other products.
To connect NPS-10 to computer(including MAC), USB cable MUST be connected to Type-C connector of NPS-10.
If your MAC only has Type-C connector, you need to have ‘Type-C to Type-C’ cable to connect your MAC & NPS-10.
What included with NPS-10 is ‘Type-A to Type-C’ cable. Type-A(bigger rectangular connector) must be connected to computer side, and Type-C(smaller round connector) must be connected to NPS-10. I guess you connected reverse way.
USB host port of NPS-10(rectangular shape) is not for computer connection. It is only for USB card reader or USB hard drive.
Answer by NextoDI2020-07-14
Download manual at here.

Go to page 41. Then you will see how you can connect NPS-10 to the computer using the USB cable included in the package.
That included cable is USB type A to C. (google with ‘USB type A to C cable’ to see the image).
If your MAC is recent one, your MAC will not have USB A port. Only USB type-C port.
In that case, you need to have extra USB type-C to C cable. (google with ‘USB type C to C cable’ to see the image).

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