Questions by Christian2020-02-22
Hi! From time to time it happens if I copy verified data from the internal ssd of the NPS-10 to an external hdd or ssd, that at the end of the copy process I get the error message: USB ERROR

Is that a common issue and what can I do to solve it?

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Answer by NextoDI2020-02-24
When doing SYNC to external USB drive, NPS-10 draw power from both USB type C power input and internal battery.
NPS-10 draw power from internal battery even if external USB type-C power connected because max current from Type-C is 1.3A while (USB disk+internal disk) require peak 1.5~2A, so internal battery power is drawn when externally supplied power is not enough.

According to our experiment, when fully charged, NPS-10 can SYNC to external disk around 1.5 hours if it is hard drive.
So if you going to SYNC a large amount of data(more than 1.6TB) at a time, then it will make error because of lack of power.

Recommend fully charging NPS-10 before SYNC your disk.
That will minimize the risk of 'USB error' because of power failure.
Answer by Christian2020-02-24
Thanks for your answer. The USB error appears directly after the NEXTO ended copying the file from the internal ssd to the external hdd not while it copies. If there's not enough power for copying, why the NEXTO doesn't interrupt the copy process immediately?
Answer by NextoDI2020-02-25
What is the firmware version of your NPS-10?
If it is not V1.10, please upgrade it at here.

And send us the NPSLOG folder to following address.
ZIP that folder and send us. We will be able to check more details about your problem.
Answer by Christian2020-02-25
I‘ve upgraded to the newest firmware the day before yesterday and bought a new and very strong power bank. If the problem continues, I‘ll send you the log file right away.

Thanks for your help!
Answer by NextoDI2020-03-02

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