Questions by Ryan Mack2020-02-09
NPS-10 hard lock requiring battery disconnect
Following a week of successful backups I was cycling through cards again to pick up any missed backups. On the first 3 SD cards it said they were identical and I chose to eject the card. Upon inserting the 4th card, it started checking the card and hard locked. The "hold the button for 7 seconds" thing didn't do anything. I had to open the case and disconnect the battery with a pair of needle noise pliers. Reconnecting the battery returned the unit to proper functioning and I was able to connect the NPS-10 to my PC over USB and download the accumulated images successfully. Is there a better way to reboot a hard locked device?

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Answer by NextoDI2020-02-12
Please check the firmware version of your NPS-10. There were problem of 'freeze' with earlier version of firmware earlier than V1.05.
You can find recent firmware at the download page under the Support tap of our web site.
Current version of firmware is V1.10

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