Questions by Dominique2020-01-03
NPS-10 Not recognized by windows 10

I purchased two NPs-10's, and installed 4TB SSD's in both of them. However, windows 10 does not recognize either of them. Is there a driver or something? I tried both the front and back usb ports.

Thank you!

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Answer by NextoDI2020-01-06
Please confirm you turned on the power before you connect NPS-10 to the computer.
Push the wheel button on the right side of the device.(push for more than 2 sec).
Then check if the Green LED lit, and 'X-copy Ready' message appear on the LCD.
After that, connect NPS-10 to your computer(rear side USB ports is preferred). You need to connect Type-C port of NPS-10 to Type-A port of the computer.
If connected, NPS-10 detect the connection and ask you selecting 'Computer I/F'. Push the button to connect to the computer.

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