Questions by Bryan2019-12-17
Hey, I use Fpcx for my editing workflow. I want to know is that everything I copy from sd to nexto is the same data? I mean, date, time, and location? in my workflow, I copy 3 sd card with the same date and time, so when I'm editing in my fcpx, the files sorting by date and time. if I copy that data to nexto, it will make a new date and time? or the same date and time on my sd card?

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Answer by NextoDI2019-12-19
Nexto create new folder and copy every files inside memory card to internal disk.
When creating folder, the name of the folder is chosen by the latest file date inside memory card.
It is something like
The 'yyyymmdd' is the date code came from the last file from your memory card.
The 'xxx' is sequence number to differentiate backups multiple card with same date code.
The 'kkkk' is random number to prevent folder overwrite when you ingest data from multiple Nexto to your file server.

Nexto never touch your file inside, or new date/time.

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