Questions by Bjornar2019-12-06
NPS-10 sudden shutdown when syncing to external drive
I have imported cards the whole day (XQD and SDXC) with success, about 1TB on a 2TB SSD.

When I'm trying to sync the content to external drives for the clients I've only been able to safe sync one drive, when syncing (fast and safe) to the other drives the unit randomly shuts down after 15-30 minutters with no warning. The unit is connected to USB-C power and the internal battery shows as full or 2/3.

The unit gets warm, perhaps to some overheating level, but there is no error code.

I'm going to have a long night to make sure clients get their 2 complete drives tomorrow.

The unit came in the mail 2 days ago and has been in use for about 16 hours. FW 1.05 since first import.

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Answer by NextoDI2019-12-06
That might be related to the power performance of NPS-10.
When copy to external drive, NPS-10 requires external power connected through USB type-C port.
But actually, that is not perfect. NPS-10 draw upto 1.5A from the USB according to USB 3.1 spec. But running internal disk + external disk require more than 1.5A.
When power required more than 1.5A, NPS-10 draw power from its battery.
So during the SYNC, both USB power & battery power used together.
Note that, battery is not charged during power on stage.
So battery become lower and lower and finally gone and shutdown.
That might be problem you see.

We designed 1TB SYNC can be done at a time. But obviously, you need more.
In that case, you can do one of following.
1. Use USB external drive having its own power. All of 3.5' USB HDD case has its own power.
2. After one drive SYNC, charge NPS-10 for one hour then SYNC again.

Basically SYNC is done in incremental way. So small multiple SYNC will help without over dominating the disk capacity.

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