Questions by Chris2019-10-15
NPS-10 update verification fails with error code 0x00170019
I have a brand new NPS-10 (updated to v1.05, but the issue was happening before) that fails every time when verifying an update. After starting the update & verify process I get an error screen that says "Verify Failed Error No: 0x00170019". After rebooting the device it says "Verify Failed(0x00020000)".

Any idea what's going on? This happens with two SSDs, included the recommended 860 EVO (MZ-76E1T0).


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Answer by NextoDI2019-10-15
The error code 0x00170019 means NPS-10 detected contents difference during the verification.
Can you please send us the LOG file to the e-mail address []?
If you connect NPS-10 to the computer, you can see NPSLOG folder at the root folder of NPS-10.
Zip the folder and send us.
With that, we can tell more about the problem.

I think that might be caused by hidden files managed by camera. Those hidden files are updated by camera every time you add memory card to the camera. To avoid confusion, we does not recopy those system managed hidden files and does not check during the verification. But it seems there are changed file which is not updated but included in the verification check.

That is,
1. Camera managed system file changed after your memory card copy.(let's say 'FIle_C')
2. You select Update & verify.
3. NPS-10 does not updated that 'File-C' during update phase.
4. But compared 'File-C' during the verify phase. --> make error because the content is different.

You can use compare tool such as following to see which one making error.

We will recheck the possibility of such kind of error again, but if you got to know which file created the error, please inform us. That will help us much making thins better.
Answer by Chris2019-10-20
I emailed the zipped log directory to the address you provided, is there anything else I can do to help?

Answer by NextoDI2019-10-22
We missed the e-mail. Now found it. Reply you directly.
According to your LOG, it seems /NIKON001.DSC file(which is hidden and system) file inside memory card makes the update & verify logic not working properly.
Answer by NextoDI2019-10-30
This problem was caused by 'NC_FLLST.DAT' file created by NIKON Z7, Z6 camera.
The 'NC_FLLST.DAT' contains info about each photo or video, and updated at each shooting.
But the file is fixed size(80KB or 82KB) and the modified time field never changed.
So NPS-10 regards that file as not changed and does not recopy during the update.
But because the content of 'NC_FLLST.DAT' is actually changed, so the verification fails with 0x00170019 which means comparison failed.

To work around this problem, we will make 'NC_FLLST.DAT' will not be included in verification at later firmware release.

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