Questions by NextoDI2007-10-05
[ND2325] Nexto-M1 Firmware V1.07(Critical)
Firmware for Nexto-Multi1(Silver color).
Upload tutorial is included in the Zip file.

Various setting functions are included in the new SetUp menu.
You can download it at [SUPPORT] - [DOWNLOAD]

* Revision History
V1.07 - 2007/10/05
- Bug Fix
-> HDD with Power Mode set to 'timer expiration based standby mode' may have problem with Nexto-M1 directory erased.
- Setup function added.
-> Can set Auto mode, Buzzer on/off, etc, at the setup menu.

V1.04 - 2007/07/05
- MAC OS10.4.10 compatibility issue cleared
- Resolved compatibility issue with WesternDigital's BEVE series(ex. WD1600BEVE) HDD.
- NO HDD compatibility issue
- Bug Fix : PTP back up could not be done at large HDD(larger than 128G)

V1.03 - 2007/06/07
- Bug fix : 16G CF compatibility issue cleared
- Supports USB mass storage mode direct connection to Nikon camera.
- Auto_Move version firmware added

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Answer by Karin2007-10-09
how do I apply the new firmware version to my M1?
Answer by Karin2007-10-09
sorry, just found the answer: there's info included in the zipfile....
Answer by Tank2012-10-27
Wanted to update the firmware to my ND2325

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