Questions by AdrianP2019-10-01
NEXTO DI won't copy files to any computer
NEXTO DI connects to (any/all) PC/Mac for a second or two, then drops out and loses connection. This happens when using USB power AND when powered separately. I need to get files off of the device. I've now tried this on a variety of machines (6) and had no success

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Answer by NextoDI2019-10-02
What is the model number of your Nexto?
When USB power detected, Nexto go into PC mode. Then turn off power if removal of USB power detected.
Your problem seems to be caused by FALSE USB removal.
This FALSE removal can be caused by
1. wrong USB cable. try change to other USB cable
2. USB connector of Nexto damaged. Dirty contact, connector pin pushed back, etc..
3. It is very rare but if the hardware damaged. Drop to water, etc...

Anyway, except USB cable, it needs to be serviced by us.
If you are hurry, open the case and remove the internal drive and use external USB case such as below to draw out data from the disk.

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