Questions by Simeon2019-09-18
Is Samsung's 4TB 860 QVO internal drive compatible with NSB-25?
we are going to upgrade our internal drives to 4tb

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Answer by NextoDI2019-09-19
Current version of firmware might not work with 4TB 860 QVO because of formatting issue.
During the format drive, NSB-25 erases every data inside SSD using 'Security Erase' method. The erase time depends on the SSD and some SSD take very long time(more than 3 minute). That makes format failure.
The security erase time of 860 EVO is quite fast, so we recommend 4TB 860 EVO instead of 860 QVO if your firmware version is equal or less than V1.41.

If you does not use self format function of NSB-25, i.e., format Bridge Pellet at the computer(using exFAT format), than you can use 860 QVO 4TB at NSB-25.

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