Questions by Jeff2019-09-06
NPS-10 not working
My NPS-10 is not working. I have sent an email to support and to about getting it repaired or replaced. No one has answered my emails!

Please help!


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Answer by NextoDI2019-09-09
We replied you several times but the e-mail had not reached you.
The e-mail log saying your mail server listed us on the black list and rejected our e-mail.
Following was the reply from us.

Thank you very much for the feedback, and sad to know NPS-10 does not works for you.

We are worry about “CF reader stopped working and a few days later it would not recognize the SD card”.

May be there were kind of HW related problems..

Following is short note on your issue other than that problem.

1. Installing SSD.

When installing SSD, the SSD must be tightly inserted to the connector. If not, it makes error sometimes.

2. Not showing thumbnail from 5DMK4.

Firmware V1.02 does not support preview of ‘.cr3’ file from 5DMK4.

So if you shoot RAW file in .cr3 format, it will not be recognized as a photo file at all.

No thumbnail shown, and file count mismatch on the image tab because ‘.cr3’ file is not counted.

But NPS-10 copies every files from the memory card, so the file will be safely stored. Just NOT counted as an Image.

Supporting ‘.cr3’ is done at the V1.,04 firmware just released at the Monday of this week, so if you upgrade your firmware, it will be shown as usual.
Answer by NextoDI2019-09-11
Answer by Jeff2019-09-11
What is the link to update software. Maybe that might solve some of the problems.
Answer by NextoDI2019-09-16
Here is the link to download V1.05 firmware.

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