Questions by Miles H2019-09-01
Error Code (0x00700003)
So I was trying to download a QXD 120 GB and a 64 GB card and I would receive an error code resulting in failure of the download. It would begin the process as usual and then would fail. What's the problem?

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Answer by NextoDI2019-09-03
What is the model name your Nexto?
ND series does not support XQD because the block size of XQD(2048 byte) is different from other memory cards(512 byte).
If you using NVS series, old models does not support exFAT, so if your XQD is formatted using exFAT and containing file size larger than 4GB, then it will not be supported by old NVS. exFAT is supported from NVS2825.

And the error code looks strange. We don't have such error code.
Please check again and inform us.
Answer by Miles H2019-09-04
I'm working with an NSB-25 Nexto Di 4K system.
Answer by NextoDI2019-09-11
If it is NSB-25, then the error code means your USB drive might be problem.
Are you using NSB-25 connected with external USB drive?
The error code means there are some low level error happened with external USB drive.
That can be caused by bad sectors on the USB drive.
So remove USB drive and try backup again.
If you send us the 'NSBLOG' folder inside bridge pellet or inside your USB drive, then we can tell you more about the problem.
Please ZIP the NSBLOG folder under the root folder then send it to here.

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