Questions by Jai2007-09-29
HDD Selection - Confused !
Hello !

I am confused which HDD to purchase for the M1 / 2325 nextoDi - I am unable to get my first choice which is Western Digital's BEVE 1600 - Just not available in India !!

Seagate HDD are more easily available, but I am not sure which model and how compatable they are with the M1

Request guidance !



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Answer by Jai2007-09-29
Forgot to include that I am looking for either 120 or 160 GB - Kindly provide recommended model nos for these capacities !
Answer by NextoDI2007-10-01
In Nexto 23XX model(ND2300 and ND2325), there is no compatibility issue.
And in ND2525, WD BEVE series doesn't match with ND2525

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