Questions by Ken Curtis2019-08-01
Is NEXTO DI with XQD Card Slot Available with 1TB SSD
Is the NEXTO DI with XQD card slot available with a 1TB SSD? If so, what is the part number? I would order it through B&H in New York. They would special order it from you.

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Answer by NextoDI2019-08-04
XQD type of NPS-10 has built in XQD slot.
Note that there are three types of NPS-10, CFast/XQD/CF type.
Choose XQD type for XQD slot.
Answer by Ken Curtis2019-08-06
You did not answer the question. What is the model number of an NPS-10 with XQD card slot and a 1TB SSD?
Answer by NextoDI2019-08-07
That is 'NPS-10 XQD type'.
We don't include SSD when shipping to partners.
You can buy SSD separately and add it by yourself, or, ask your dealer adding it for you.
Answer by Ken Curtis2019-08-09
Thank you.
Answer by NextoDI2019-08-12

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