Questions by Miles2019-07-24
File Sizes on Non-Nexto Drive
So I'm using the Nexto Di system and making a seperate copy onto a Lacie Drive, along with the copy on the Nexto Drive.

When making another copy from the Lacie drive I noticed that the file size was larger on the Lacie drive than on the Nexto drive. Nothing happened during transfer and verification went fine.

Is this a software thing? As in the Nexto operates on certain software and it makes copies of the setup when it's a non-Nexto drive?

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Answer by NextoDI2019-07-24
What Nexto model are you using? And how big is that file size differ?
Actually the file size itself should be the same, but allocated disk size can differ depending on the cluster size which is determined during the disk format.
That cluster size assignment differ by computer system which you used for disk format.
Also, depend on the computer, the file size 'looks' differ even if it is the same.
If you using Windows, 1KB means 1024 byte. If you using MAC 1KB is 1000 byte. That can make difference shown on the display.
For Nexto, 1KB is 1024 byte, i.e. follow Windows based size calculation.

Wee here for the difference.

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