Questions by Soni2007-09-28
Why my question is disappear ?
this morning I ask you something about my problem with Nexto M1 and HD Fujitsu, but now, i can't see my question again ?
can you explain this ?

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Answer by Soni2007-09-28
maybe more wise if you can email me about this problem, even not solved with you
Answer by marketing manager2007-09-28
Dear Sir,

This is sales and marketing manager.
First of all, all apology on disappearance of your web post in our website.
You already asked same issue via [contact us] in our website, and we replied it(9/28/07) to you by email on today’s morning.
During the process , the QA guy unintentionally deleted your post.
Basically, we have principle that, in any reason and any contents, never delete the web post by customers.
Sorry for this case but unfortunately, we can’t restore your post. Instead of restore, we will list the same contents that you issued by our [contact us] on our website.

Once again we’re so sorry about that.


Dear NextoDI,

I use Nexto M1 with HD Fujitsu 40Gb, and i find the problem when I Format with windows XP and when transfer from PC to Nexto or From Nexto to PC.

1. When I format with windows XP, I have a 10 minutes to format 7 Gb, different if I use other device like digimate, just 2 minutes to format 7 Gb, and when I format 30 Gb need very long time, even 30 minutes is not enough, when I use digimate II, i just need 5 minutes to format.
can you explain about this, because if I format with Nexto I just need less than 1 minutes but I couldn\'t make partition if I format with Nexto

2. If I transfer with Nexto I need a long time to, 25 minutes for 1Gb transfer, and sometime if I transfer from Nexto to PC I got the I/O error message, so I must do one or two more time for finished

can you explainedabout this or Nexto isn\'y compatible with Fujitsu ?

FYI I compare speed for format and transfer with 2 HD, 2 Nexto M1 and 1 Digimate
Answer by R&D2007-09-28
It's strange case.
What if you use other HDD such as Samsung or Seagate?
It can happen at following two case.
1) Your PC does not support USB2.0 high speed(480Mbps). So it's working at USB1.1 Full speed(12Mbps).
2) There are some compatibility issue between the Fujitsu HDD and M1. M1 is retrying the error at ATA I/F, so takes much time.

Pls let us know the model number of Fujitsu HDD.
Up to now, we don't have any compatibility issue between Nexto and HDDs.
So it's very valuable case for us.
Answer by R&D2007-10-04
This problem is caused by instable HDD which the user used.

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