Questions by Paco2019-06-10
ND 2300 update firware
Is it possible to update the firmware so that this model is compatible with the new files?
Thank you

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Answer by NextoDI2019-06-10
If this question is about supporting the exFAT file system, then the answer is NO.
ND2300 does not support exFAT formatted memory cards.
The firmware upgrade tool itself works only at Windows XP(32bit), so it is not easy to upgrade firmware.
For consumer level products, exFAT is supported at ND2901 & new NPS-10 only.
NPS-10 will be available very soon(at the end of June) to oversea customers.
Answer by Paco2019-06-11
Thank you very much for answering, it is a pity that I can not continue using with the new cards
Answer by NextoDI2019-06-14
Although exFAT was first introduced at 2006 with the introduction of Win CE OS, it was not used at the field until year 2010 when SDXC card start to adopt exFAT. While ND2300 was introduced at 2006 and discontinued 2008.

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