Questions by SkyRunner2019-05-17
SD / SDHC / SDXC with NVS2525
Hello everyone,

I got an NVS2525 and i want to use it to emptying all SD Card i've got but can't find any card reader to work in "USB Host" i test 3 card reader, 1 card reader as 'Unknown Device" (Trust CR-1420P) and and 2 not working (Trust Robson 15298-05 and Transcend TS-RDF8K 3.0)

For exemple, i have 2 SDXC Card Class 10 UHC II U3 V90 128GB for video purposes and i make an road trip for few weeks

I see NEXTO DI have an SD Card Adater to SxS but i dont know if it works with the NVS2525

Any idea to got a SD Reader or SD -> ExpressCard/SxS Adapter or SD -> P2/P2E Adapter ?

SxS/ExpressCard, USB Host or P2 Adapter...anything working for SD card, waiting a response :)

Thanks you all !!

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Answer by NextoDI2019-05-21
First of all, NVS2525 cannot handle your SD card is your SD card has a file with file size larger than 4GB.
Second, you need to add AC adapter to connect USB card reader to NVS2525.
Third, befoer connecting USB card reader, SD card MUST be connected to the USB card reader, i.e., empty USB card reader should not be connected to NVS2525.
Finally, the USB I/F of NVS2525 is USB2.0. So if you use USB3.0 card reader, connect it loosely to NOT make USB3.0 contact inside USB3.0 cable disturb USB2.0 signal connection.
Answer by SkyRunner2019-05-22
Dear NextoDI,

I miss to tell you its an "NVS2525 UDF Special" Version in 1.56, on the web specification page it says "Supports a single video file that is larger than 4GB" only with the P2/SxS card ?

Second, i try to connect my AC adapter for SD Card Reader it WORK well and of course i know the SD card need to be connected before.

As i know the NVS2525 UDF Special can be recharge with interface USB cable with an external battery, i don't want to take my AC Adapter everywhere (try to find 230V AC in the middle of the forest), i just ask if an SD to SxS/Express Card 34 or SD to P2 exist and do you make some test before ?

Answer by NextoDI2019-05-22
P2 adapter from Panasonic will work with NVS2525 UDF special.
But note that, NVS2525 UDF special does not support exFAT formatted memory card.
It supports memory cards formatted using FAT32 or UDF file system.
Please check the file system format of your memory card according to the direction here.

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