Questions by Claude Geens2019-04-23
SDXC or SDHC not recognized in my NVS2801+
Hi, I have a problem to copy my SD card used with a Sony A7S2. The Nextodi detected the card but it don't recognize the "periferic". And it's the same if I try with a card reader plug on the USB card reader plug on the bottom. I don't have already check the CFast card but it work perfectly with SxS card and whit a XQD reader card. And no error message.

Any ideas ?

Thank you

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Answer by NextoDI2019-04-24
Sorry. I cannot know what do you mean by [ it don't recognize the "periferic"].
If the card is detected, can you see the 'Fast Copy, Copy&Vfy' selecting screen??
If not, what is the error code you see on the LCD screen?
Please format the SD card at the computer and try again.

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