Questions by highlander2007-09-25
no data transfer from NextoM1
I have a NextM1 ND2325 120GB. The transfer onto the drive worked well and the drive was recognised correctly when connected to two different computers. However, when connected to my own laptop computer (WinXP SP2) Windows reports a "Power Surge on Hub Port" and fails to connect giving a code 43 error stating that the connection was disabled.
I'd be grateful for any advice you folks might have to get my data across savely.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Robert Smif2007-09-26
If you can't figure anything else out, I'd suggest getting one of the USB cables with 2 conncetors at the computer end (like which are used for 2.5in USB drive caddies) which should stop your laptop getting so grumpy about taking lots of power out of one port. Of course, if you specified that there can be only one USB port on your laptop when you bought it, that's not going to work.
Answer by nextodi2007-09-27
Many kind of laptop has the mechanism that protect from overflow the electric currency more than 500mA. usually, nexto uses 500mA from USB but somtimes uses a little bit more.

So, In this case, use Nexto connecting AC adapter.

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